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Jefferson, AL, 35266
I was in town for my nephew's funeral and my sister was at the bar less than a mile from the Hotel room. I picked her up and the Police arrested me in the hotel parking lot after my vehicle was parked and I was walking away from the vehicle. I blew a 0.8 and had a signature bond the next morning. I lost my job and company truck. This is a first offense. I'm 45 .

Hancock, IN, 46140
My husband is in the Hancock County Jail in Greenfield, being arraigned tomorrow on felony DUI. Looking for help as soon as possible.

Hawaii, HI, 96740
Lawyer cost for first-time dui county of Hawaii,

Hawaii, HI, 96740
Need quote for services 1st offense Dui Hawaii county.

Orange, CA, 92646
Please delete my case from your website. This is my second request.

Logan, KS, 67748
arrested for DUI on 03/06 court appearance is 03-27

Grays Harbor, WA, 98563

Marion, MS, 39429
I got a DUI in Columbia, but I was sober and was NOT on any medications. I had smoked pot two weeks prior in Washington State where weed is recreation. If anything shows up on the blood test it will be that. Please contact me 918-237-9336. My court date is June 14th.

Portage, OH, 44240

Hennepin, MN, 55305
Took daughter and a friend to Ridgedale- a mile and a half from home- on Saturday. Had 2 drinks at home while making dinner. The girls called to be picked up, but the mall was closing and were having trouble finding the meeting place. Drove to Ridgedale in my pajamas and didnt see the kids. Got concerned and realized I didn't have my phone. I stopped mall security, who let me in the mall to look for them in my pajamas. They called Minnetonka police to help search, and I was arrested for DUI in my pajamas.

Riverside, CA, 92563
Passed field sobriety, refused to blow into breathalyzer, taken to the station, denied restroom, told to “piss on myself”, told to “piss in the trash can”, told to “piss on the bush.” When given a trash can I brought my cuffed hands to my front and attempted to relieve myself into the trash can as ordered. Was stopped and re-cuffed behind my back and told to try again. After refusing to allow me to use my hands I was forced to hold it to prevent defecating on myself. I was taken into another room and offered a trash can again, so I brought my hands around to my front and then two officers pinned me and beat me until they could bring my hands to my back and re-cuff me. At this time a female took a blood sample while I was pinned to a table by my head. The officers knew I was a disabled veteran and knew of my injuries and used them to their advantage. I now have a clicking sound in my left shoulder due to the injuries caused by those officers. They then took me to a jail several miles away and left me in a drunk tank wearing only my swimming trunks which were wet at the time of the arrest. I was the DD for my passenger who was very drunk and smelled of alcohol when we were pulled over. I had nothing on me except my swimming trunks and was only leaving a pool party to pick up another friend and return. I was released in the early morning hours in a strange and foreign area without shoes and only my swimming trunks.

New York, NY, 10025
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Dawson, MT, 59218
Not sure, looking for answers to questions I have to try and keep the punishment to a minimum.

Butler, NE, 68632
Was sited with DUI, Refusal, assault while parked in dec of 2015, did not get pulled over, keys were not In ignition, and I had no access to keys. case is set for jury trial, however I have a court appointed attorney at this time. I feel Im not being represented fully.. I want to discuss with another attorney my situation and ability to retain at this point.

Autauga, AL, 40500
Speeding and DUI. BAC 0.11

Harrison, IA, 51546
i was arrested On 8/29 for a first offense dui.

Jefferson, LA, 70094
Hard to explain.

Union, NJ, 07202
Want to know about his case

Kauai, HI, 96746

Washington, IN, 47167
Went left of center texting got pullec over was given a breath alyzer failed .3 something. Didnt take breath test at jail asked if i wanted a phone call it was 12:30am so i said i would call in the morning. I asked repeatidly for a phone call all the next day never did get it. Later that evening i got to feeling bad and asked two different jailers about getting my blood pressure checked they said ok but that never happened either. I take 20ml of lisinopril for my blood pressure and and 20 ml of celexa for my anxiety a day. Earlier this year i had to leave work because i felt so bad. I ended up having to get a nuclear c/t scan and a stress test so i was a little worried. My mom has had a heart attack and stroke.

Wayne, MI, 48170
Minor accident with front car at Red stop. Cop came and action test. Blood test in police office. Result not comessential up. Cops said I refuse the alcohol test, but I did not. I am not native speaker, so it seems like they misunderstood.

Monmouth, NJ, 08610
Had not had a drop of alcohol and do not do drugs. Period. But I was tired, and eyes irritated (I am a swimming coach at a private school and swim in a chlorinated pool) Pulled over Interstate en route home from nightschool (work two jobs plus go to school). Cop shone high intensity flashlight in my eyes, then conducted field sobriety test. He spoke very quickly and I didn't fully understand what he was asking me. I asked him to repeat, he then slapped cuffs on me and took me to barrack for Breathalyzer and peep test. I was then issued 4 tickets including DUI. Knowing I was ripped off by this very rude and aggressive cop, I immediately went to the hospital and had a medical screening (gave blood and urine) which came back all zeros for alcohol or drugs. I'm an older college student (28) and have precious little $$$ to pay for defending this trumped up charge.

Story, IA, 50014
I was pulled over going 46 mph in a 35, I blew a .175. I was then arrested and received a OWI, first offense and an MIP.

Saint Francois, MO, 63640
8 years ago was charged with 4th and 5th dui class d and felonies. Due to no legal council on priors they were dropped down to misdemeanors. Now I have been arrested for refusal twice in one month and am being charged with class d and c felonies

Lauderdale, MS, 39301
Got first DUI on private parking lot of outback steakhouse

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